Organic planting since the beginning of time, #NaturesGOLD classic info.

How synthetic fertilizer harms soil

Humans shouldn’t be relying on chemical fertilizers to fuel our food systems and agriculture.

The negative effects of synthetic fertilizers

  1. Synthetic fertilizers suppress nitrogen-fixing bacteria, meaning less free fertilizer from microbes and greater dependency on fertilizer corporations
  2. Synthetic fertilizers are made of salts, which act as broad-spectrum antibiotics to soil microbiota of all kinds and negatively impact pH
  3. Soil biodiversity is destroyed by synthetic fertilizers, disrupting the soil ecosystem
  4. Food is less nutrient dense when grown in depleted overfertilized soil

Start using organic and how is organic fertilizer beneficial to soil?

Another valuable feature is that they achieve the increase of activity in bacteria and fungi that benefit the soil. … Thus, organic fertilizers improve soil structure, help to retain nutrients, allow carbon fixation in the substrate and enhance the ability of the crop to absorb water.

Using organic matter, the ultimate food for the soil “Nature’s GOLD”

Multi-ingredients performance…Composed of soil nutrients, minerals, live microorganisms, high in organic matter, humus and other active black gold organic ingredients all in a pack.



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