DCA airdrop bololex account users!

A total of 25 tokens per user been airdrop to 1,000 bololex accounts as a support for bololex exchange drive campaigns.

The Concept of “Airdrop” aka free money!
Distribution of Airdrop tokens is a marketing strategy helping to spread information about coin or token and spreading the project product, or exchange. It also allows to earn on cryptocurrencies without spending money for their purchase.


Airdrop means cryptocurrencies that a certain project gives to users for free. At first sight, it sounds like fraud or fake. But do not underestimate this opportunity to earn: depending on token distribution conditions, you can gain profit almost out of thin air. Besides, users won’t run any financial risks.

DCA airdrop in bololex, is one way of our project promotion and similar to a bounty campaign.
Why we airdrop bololex users?

  • To promote DCA token and establish a huge database of active users;
  • To create a network effect and distribute tokens as wide as possible (as well as our project use-case Agriculture products and other informations).
  • To attract investments and expand our project.
  • To contribute and support bololex in its drive campaigns.

Another free airdrops by bololex exchange,

Bololex exchange has not stopped surprising its users and partners by adding new competitive features to the exchange. Modern gamified elements are at the core of Bololex’s roadmap.
This time, we are introducing a specially designed airdrop distribution system in the form of a wheel game.

DCA on bololex

About Bololex Airdrop Wheel
We have all played or just heard about the game of “Wheel of Fortune”. With that idea, Bololex designed a unique, yet easy-accessible airdrop distribution mechanism. New gamified features to receive airdrops of BOLO and buy energy.

How it works
To play, the user should have a Bololex account, creating one takes only 2 minutes. Then, one just has to go to the “Airdrop Wheel” section and spin the wheel. A window will pop-up with the corresponding prize, to retrieve it, just click on “OK”. It’s that easy!

More & more Big surprises are coming…Stay support and Trade DCA token

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What is DecentralizeCurrency(DCA)?
DCA is a global community use-case token
Primarily in:
1) Agriculture products(Organic)
2) MarketPlace, as a payment system
3) Bartering

DCA is an Erc20 Standard Ethereum token founded in October 07–2018
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DCA project is backed by:
USDCA Manufacturer & Supplier for Organic Agriculture products

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