Weed, general term for any plant growing where it is not wanted. Ever since humans first attempted the cultivation of plants, they have had to fight the invasion by weeds into areas chosen for crops.

Weeds can cut-off your plants food supply

If your plants aren’t getting enough nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients, they become more susceptible…

Organic farming is agriculture that makes healthy food, healthy soils, healthy plants, and healthy environments a priority, along with crop productivity. … Organic production systems do not use genetically modified (GM) seed, synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Reduced Exposure to Pesticides and Chemicals

If every farmer is converted to organic production, we could eliminate 500 million pounds…

Our Advocacy “help in saving mother nature”

The lack of synthetic pesticides found in organic farming ultimately allows an increase in biodiversity, and helps to minimize the environmental impact of organic farming. … When organic systems are positioned next to conventional agriculture, it will often fall to the farmer to ensure their operations are protected.

Heads on to our website “naturesGOLD”

Organic farming tends to be better for the environment.

Organic farming…

A total of 25 tokens per user been airdrop to 1,000 bololex accounts as a support for bololex exchange drive campaigns.

The Concept of “Airdrop” aka free money!
Distribution of Airdrop tokens is a marketing strategy helping to spread information about coin or token and spreading the project product, or exchange…



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